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Multi-talented & Over The Top

Mercedes-Benz has launched another vehicle based on the well-acclaimed A-Class platform, and this time it is a compact SUV. The Mercedes-Benz GLA slots easily into the fast growing segment effortlessly, and it comes in three different variants, all of which are CBU models.

Raising The Steaks

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Prime, in Le Meridien, happens to be the first international steak restaurant to ever open its indulgent doors in KL. “Nonsense. What about Coliseum and Jake’s?” you exclaim. Well, allow me to detail that there are steak houses, such as those 2, where the steaks are good, and then there are steak restaurants, that are great. The latter is the category that Prime sits in, and it does so with its rump placed…

Meat is Served

Fresh on the heels of announcing the availability of the 911 GTS, Porsche has now also announced that the big boy of the family, the Cayenne, will be available in GTS trim. On the other end of the spectrum, the German carmaker has revealed the arrival of a new entry-level Cayenne as well.

Lighter, Thinner, Bendier

The freshly baked news was that Lenovo has acquired Motorola, but here in Malaysia, the Chinese electronics giant was more excited about something else. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro are now officially here in our country, and they will be available, Lenovo says, at the end of November. Just in time for Christmas, then.

It’s How You Use It

It is one of the best-selling compact hatchbacks in our country ever since its introduction. The previous iterations of Honda’s supermini were the very definition of a hatchback – a harmonious partnership between practicality and usability. The only real downside was its lacklustre drivetrain, but its competitors were no better, so it was good enough for that generation.

Supercar Roadtripping

Ferrari may have had to settle for a 4th place finish overall in the always spectacular Singapore Grand Prix, but it did nothing to dampen the mood of the ladies and gents of the Ferrari Owners' Club who made the trip down.