An Evening With Bobby Chen

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To those in the know, Bobby Chen requires no introduction, but for the benefit of those who have yet to know, let me introduce to you, Bobby Chen, a supremely talented young Malaysian. While his accomplishments are too numerous to write down, here is a little bit about him.

He attended the Yehudi Menhuin School of Music and Royal Academy of Music, with greats such as Hamish Milne and Ruth Nye. He first burst into the scene in 1996. He has given amazing performances at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall, Dublin's National Concert Hall, Singapore's Victoria Concert Hall, Holland's Hermitage Amsterdam, UK's Purcell Room, and many more.

In 2007, he was chosen to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Anniversary by giving a new concerto in London. Last year, 2010, Chen founded the Overseas Malaysian Winter Piano Academy (OMWPA) which provided high quality music tuition to young Malaysian talents.

If you want to hear him play personally, here's your chance. Chen will be performing for on the night of 24 March 2012, at Hotel Equatorial in KL, and part of the proceeds of the evening will be channelled to CARIF (Cancer Initiatives Research Foundation). Tickets are priced at RM500, which includes a five course meal.

There is nowhere else you can be enthralled by a world-class pianist, enjoying a delectable meal and help the unfortunate all in one place. For more info, have a look at the picture below.

Words: Autogridz

Photos: Equatorial press

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